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We're all under one big sky, but often find it difficult to establish our place in the bigger world. International cyber security and I.T. companies looking to enter the vast, profitable U.S. market often struggle to get established. The competition is fierce, the buyers are sophisticated, and hiring productive personnel is daunting...

Luckily, they have us.

Antares SM is your partner for entering and growing your company’s business in the U.S. I.T. and cybersecurity marketplace. We do this with the “4 P’s” of an Antares SM Partnership:


the proper sales and marketing team for you when you’re ready to grow.



your products or services properly for the U.S. market.



your first anchor customers, a key component to building a U.S. presence.



The only result that matters: establishing your company as a player in the U.S. market.


A Constellation of Consultation. Antares SM is staffed with former I.T., telecom, and cybersecurity executives with a deep reach into U.S. technology companies, and with a long history of selling IT technology in the US market through a proven “land and expand” strategy.

At the helm is Ian Dix, who has been at the forefront of the U.S. technology market for over 30 years.

More About IAN

Ready. Set. Engage! We have 2 types of Engagements for you to consider:

Type 1 Standard Consulting

Fractional CMO/Fractional CRO, is the standard model we follow to establish your U.S. presence.


Type 2 Outsourced Sales and Marketing

All the services shown in Type 1, but we utilize Antares’ own sales and marketing teams to get you started in the U.S.


Wanna know more about our Engagement Types?

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